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Inspired by art, nature and culture. Our primary product is handcrafted accessories designed by the artist Jeanne Cruz.

"we dress to tell a story"

The accessories philosophy is based in the idea that we dress to tell a story. That is why every accessory is made with a lot of care and thought. The collections are designed to tell a story and to transport the wearer. In every piece you’ll find design elements that represent the beauty of art, nature and and the culture of the Caribbean and places around the world. The creations are considered “art objects” to be displayed and enjoyed even when they’re not being worn. Some designs are more abstract, others more figurative but definitely each one is made with lots of love!

"I love accessorizing people who follow their own paths, not trends. I love accessorizing adventurers, collectors, artists, intellectuals, and dreamers. I love accessorizing people who dress to tell a story.

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